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Happy Circle

Our Mission

To build disability inclusive communities in Latin America through innovative education, technology and advocacy tools

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower global communities to achieve equitable inclusion of children and youth with disabilities.
Manos Unidas International

Manos Unidas International, is a U.S. based federally recognized non-profit with 501c3 status and a Washington state charity. MUI's featured program, “Ayllu”, translated as “community” in the Quechua language, is a strategic program designed to create broad systematic change to the learning outcomes and community participation of children with disabilities across marginalized Latinx communities in the United States, and across the Americas, through a proprietary cloud-based video curriculum and culturally tailored interventions. 

Our goal is to improve access to evidence-based information, training and advocacy tools for Latinx families and educators to strengthen the relationship between home, school and the community.

Manos Unidas recognizes families as key educators in the lifespan of their children. We are working diligently to improve access to proven strategies and tools to increase children's learning outcomes, primarily in the early stages of development. We are leveraging technology and virtual networks to build a strong learning community of families, caregivers, and educators. 

Our History
Celeste Marion Matt Lorch

MUI has a unique history of global impact and influence. Founded in 2014 by Celeste Marion, her father and a friend, MUI was originally created as a fundraising arm for Manos Unidas Peru, a Peruvian-based non-profit school for special education (2007-2020). MUP was founded by Celeste and a Peruvian school teacher in Cusco, Peru.  From 2015 - 2019 MUI operated with a 10+  person board of directors chaired by Lawson Baker and served as the backbone for Manos Unidas Peru’s programs, governance and financial activity as the Peruvian organization developed and grew its impact. MUI was well known for its Peruvian -themed auction galas and dynamic board members who were personally committed to the mission and beneficiaries. 


In 2020, Manos Unidas Peru and Manos Unidas International became independent of each other. MUP is run by it’s co-founder and a Peruvian board of directors, focused on self-sustainability. MUI has expanded into an organization with global reach and impact for the Latinx community.  

Our Inspiration

Children, families and educators inspire our work each day.  We believe all children can learn with the right support and people in their lives. 


We believe in empowering families, giving children a voice and uplifting educators. 


We especially feel called to support families who are historically and traditionally marginalized in U.S. society due to barriers such as language, cultural perceptions of disability, socioeconomic status and legal status. 


We are also addressing the Sustainable Development Goals on a global scale, working towards quality education for ALL children. 

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