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Family Consultation, Engagement and Advocacy Services

Culturally tailored supports, interventions and information for families across home, school, therapy and community environments

DDA Provider for Staff and Family Consultation Services
  • Help families understand home-based recommendations, instructional techniques or school-based recommendations

  • Help families understand Behavior Support Plans for challenging behavior and home-based accommodations

  • Help families and family members better understand a disability diagnosis

  • Help navigate the special education system 

  • Facilitate a healthy family -school partnership

  • IEP meeting preparation and accompaniment 

  • Functional Behavior Assessment and Behavior Intervention Plan review and support across home and school environments 

Private Family-Based Services 
  • IEP Review, preparation and meeting accompaniment

  • Request for evaluations, re-evaluations

  • School meeting interpretations (Spanish/English)

  • Family goal-setting

  • Facilitate communications between home and school

  • School observations 

  • Parent coaching 

  • Functional Behavior Assessment and Behavior Intervention Plan review and support across home and school environments

  • Community-Based resource connections

  • Sliding -scale fees

Partnership with Office of Education OMBUDS
OMBUDS washington

MUI partnered with OMBUDS Education of Washington state to develop a video curriculum series “ Rights of Families and children within the Special Education System” in Spanish to help families better navigate, advocate and actively participate with the education of their child. 

This digital animation series is expected to be published by September, 2023.


Barriers to Access

Despite the fact that 27.18% of developmentally disabled children in the U.S. are Hispanic or Latino, very few service delivery and intervention approaches exist to meet the needs of Latinx children and their families (Thomas et al).

Of the service delivery and intervention approaches that do exist, almost all are difficult to access for Latinx families due to limited culturally-tailored resources, a lack of culturally-trained professionals, socio-economic status and legal status. 

These barriers result in late diagnosis for children with neurological disorders, loss of early intervention opportunities and challenging discrepancies between home, medical and educational settings, delaying developmental learning (Casillas et al. 2017; Liptak et al. 2008; Magaña et al. 2013, 2016).

Folkloric Dance

Organizational Partnerships

Manos unidas and project Ayllu partner with organizations who serve the Latinx community and can benefit from the products and services we offer. 


Learn more about Organizational Licenses here

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