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Ayllu Video Curriculum Library Overview

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Video Library Course for Families Overview

Ayllu's video curriculum library project has been in the works since the beginning of the year, collaborating with a handful of expert content contributors across the United States. Funded by the Dan Thompson Memorial grant through the Department of Developmental Disabilities Association of Washington state, Manos Unidas International was awarded $170,000 to produce video curriculum courses in Spanish to educate, train and inform Hispanic families with children with disabilities. We are honored to work with may specialists in their fields and help them organize and map out their expert knowledge for our courses.

We are pleased to share our course overview with you and the names of our incredible contributors.

Information and Advocacy

Course #1: Special Education: The Rights of Students with Disabilities in the Public Schools

Expert Content Contributor: Office of Education OMBUDS, Washington state. Expert content reviewer: Stephanie Palmquist.

Based on the OMBUDS Publication “What every parent needs to know

Protecting the Educational Rights of Students with Disabilities in Public Schools” Office of the Education Ombuds January 2015

Course #2: Early Support, Education and Resources for children 0-5 years old

Expert content contributors: Peggy Sayan, M.Ed. Early Childhood educator and early intervention services provider and Catalina Angel, family mental health counselor, disability advocate

Family and Community Education

Course #3: The Autism Journey: a mother’s voice

Expert Content Contributor: Marcee Miriam, Kindering Center Autism Navigator

Course #4: Family Inclusion: Systems of Support

Expert Content Contributors: Allison Moors-Lipshin, M.Ed, BCBA

Training in Evidence-Based Strategies

Course #5: How to establish a successful learning environment

Expert Content Contributors: Celeste Marion and Rufminia Rojas

Expert Consultant: Dr. Mapy Chavez Ph.D, CABAS®, BCBA-D, BCAP, ACAS, BCTS

Course #6: How to teach new skills in the natural environment

Based on Naturalistic Developmental Behavioral Interventions

Expert Content Contributors: Dr. Mapy Chavez Ph.D, CABAS®, BCBA-D, BCAP, ACAS, BCTS

Course #7: All Behavior is Communication: addressing challenging behaviors

Course #8: Building Healthy Social Relationships within the family

Expert Content Contributors: Pending

Course #9: Communication in Early Intervention: How to stimulate language development

Expert Content Contributors: Dr.Karyn Searcy

Based on Dr. Searcy’s book “Early Intervention for Speech & Language Therapy: Empowering Parents (Plural Publishing, 2011.)

Course #10: How to support physical development through recreation

Expert Content Contributors: Pending

Expert consultant: Dr. Cheryl Kerfeld, PT, MS, PhD

Course #11: Developing Functional Skills Through Music and Homemade instruments

Expert Content Contributors: Talia Morales, Board Certified Music Therapist | Expressive Arts Therapist and Daria Marmaluk-Hajioannou

Course #12: Collaborative and Proactive Solutions to Concerning Behaviors

Expert Content Contributors: Dr. Ross Greene

Based on Dr. Green’s publications “Lost and Found”, “Lost at School” and “The Explosive Child” and the CPS model of “Lives in Balance”

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