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  • Celeste Marion

Camino Nuevo’s next chapter

23 months has passed since Camino Nuevo closed its doors for a two-week suspension. It has changed us all. But now the team that remains will take Manos Unidas Peru into the next chapter of existence.

Mercedes, MUP’s director, has shifted the power of the future into the hands and hearts of our five remaining teachers. These five women have dedicated 10+ years to our students and are profound experts in the field. They are creating a new strategic plan for 2022 and beyond. Their goal is self-sustainability. Sadly, Camino Nuevo will say goodbye to its school grounds as the lease has expired and will not be renewed. A new location will be sought, ideally closer to the city center, and this time with the plan to generate revenue from a multitude of services related to supporting children with disabilities. These services include therapies, childcare, tutoring and professional development in addition to the school program. Many of MUP’s former staff have reintegrated into the community in new roles. Some are independent tutors, others have opened their own learning centers. Wherever they are, we know they are using the skills and knowledge they learned from us over the past 12 years. Manos Unidas International will continue to mentor, consult and support this transition of leadership and direction upon request. We have confidence that this powerful team will lead with wisdom and never loose focus of the children we care most about.

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