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  • Celeste Marion

Ayllu Partners with Rural Peruvian School

The vision for Ayllu is to be able to reach diverse families that have previously been unreachable — and we are doing that with Ayllu’s latest partnership with Oye Lena, in Kurawasi, Peru, a rural school where inclusion is part of their mission.

Five families are the lasted participants in Ayllu’s pilot, measuring reach and impact through an organizational partnership. These families already have a trusted relationship with Oye Lena and we have been able to come in and build on it. The families are from diverse rural and even international backgrounds with children ranging from 3 to 18 and represent a diverse range of disabilities including autism to Down syndrome.

Families are accessing Ayllu’s program via the website, taking quizzes and following their homework tasks– all mostly from cellphones. Some families show up at the school’s site to access the internet, while others watch from home. Families watch the video tutorials then apply them on their children at home. The family then sends a video of themselves working with their child to an Ayllu consultant for review. Again, most of this all done via a cell phone and Whatsapp.

This “virtual age” has allowed us to reach children we never thought imaginable.

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