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Introducing “Ayllu”, MUI’s global online learning community

Manos Unidas International has been dreaming of how to broaden it’s impact to more children beyond the four walls of Manos Unidas Peru since 2018. After more than 10 years of successfully training teachers in best practices for special education and promoting inclusion of our students within their families, schools and workplaces in Cusco, Peru, it was time to outsource our materials to a broader audience.

We have been in the process of designing and creating this new program for more than two years and are pleased to release it to the public.

Manos Unidas International is proud to present Ayllu (eye-yoo), our newest program to broaden impact across Latin America. “Ayllu”, translated as “community” in Peru’s Quechua language, is a strategic program designed to create broad systematic change to the learning outcomes and community participation of children with disabilities across Spanish speaking communities.

Ayllu is digitally transforming over 10 years of field knowledge and curriculum developed for Manos Unidas Peru’s teacher and parent training programs. We are in the process of creating a web-based video curriculum with dozens of disability education, training, and advocacy modules taught in Spanish by professionals across the globe.

The proprietary content is adapted for cultural relevance by breaking down complex information into useful and practical strategies through video instruction and real-life case studies that families and teachers can easily implement in their environments.

We are pleased to announce our first geographical focus areas will be:

  • The region of Cusco, Peru (13 provinces, 108 districts)

  • Baja California, Mexico

  • Washington state (Pierce and Snohomish counties)

Meet our team of professional content contributors and read more about how Ayllu is providing a solution to the United Nation’s sustainable development goals HERE!

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