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  • Celeste Marion

Peru Volunteer Service Trip: Week #1

Our interprofessional team spent the first week working with students with disabilities at Oye Lena, a non-profit located in Curawasi, Peru who serves disadvantaged children in the community through recreation, play, academic classes and enrichment. They receive children with disabilities during their morning program and provide individualized physical therapy, speech therapy, art classes and personalized learning opportunities.

Learn more about Oye Lena here:

As an interprofessional team, we spent one week at Oye Lena helping create individualized goal plans for each of the eight students, advise and support their vocational training program for young adults, meet with family members to learn about their goals for their children and provide a professional development session to the Oye Lena team based on our recommendations and supports.

We spent the mornings hands-on with the students and team and the afternoons in team collaboration. We are so grateful to Stephanie Van Erps for receiving our team, feeding us incredible meals each day and hosting us with mucho cariño .

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