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  • Celeste Marion

Home Based Services Program in Design phase

Introducing our Design team!

As a new, community based innovation grant recipient from the Best Starts for Kids Program, we will engage in a six-month design period to build out the home based services program. This is such an exciting time!

The design phase requires us to:

1) Establish a design team of experts in our community that can contribute to how the program will run.

2) Attend a monthly 4-hour training hosted by the BSK team

3) Meet periodically as a design team and work on our monthly deliverables

4) Meeting monthly with our assigned professional consultant

Best Starts Home Based services design team:

  • Catalina Angel, Community Mental Health worker with Childstrive

  • Dolores Reyes, North King county Head Start Coordinator

  • Maria Cisneros, Family services coordinator, Northshore School district

  • Several families with children with intellectual disabilities who have received home based services from other organizations

Our first design team meeting was to create a visual storyboard of how we visualized the program in the community: the Who we will serve, How we will reach them, What those final outcomes will be and What we will provide. So fun to work with an team in person again!

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